1. Ten Light Years
  2. Leaving
  3. Beside You
  4. The Name of Life
  5. Sous le Pont Mirabeau
  6. To His Coy Mistriss
  7. Love Across Time
  8. Tears Idle Tears (Lauren’s Song)
  9. Heaven and Earth
  10. Elizabeth’s Shoes
  11. In Your Arms

Produced by Richard Bell
Caroline Trettine: vocals, acoustic guitars
Ian Halcrow: spoken vocal
Laurence Halcrow: concertina
Richard Bell: keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, bass
Ian Kearey: 12 string guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonium, harmonica, mandolins
David Chapman: bass
BJ Cole: pedal steel
Alan Brown: drums, percussion
Paul Stewart: drums

The Name Of Life

In Your Arms

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