Men died on Camber Sands
why didn’t they understand
the treachery of the riptide
that lulls you in still waters
and hides and hides?

I have a riptide that I have got to know.
Orpheus in the undertow
always ready to look back in love
Damning myself in a lack of pride
cut by the riptide.

I have got to know the pain
in my veins
I can tell it deep in inside
I can see the serpent curling the currents
to whirl me in a riptide.

I won’t go to lovers’ lands
I won’t go to Camber Sands
I am not saying love is a lie
but I can see the thread of the threat like Beachy Head
I am more alive than dead
because I know love’s death in the riptide.

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