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Koral Society create original world class culturally blended folk music. Caroline Trettine’s guitar-based songs are transformed by the virtuosic Mosi Conde on kora and Alison Rayner on double bass into fine, vibrant melodic textures and intricate rhythms. The brilliant sparkling flourishes of Mosi’s kora are anchored by Alison’s sinuous, graceful double bass. Caroline duets with Mosi and together they explore her songs’ passion and poetry.

Koral Society are a trio of accomplished composer-musicians from three musical cultures: English pop-folk, West African Classical and international jazz. They have crystallised their music into sweet, delicate, finely textured English-Griot vocals backed by a rhythmic guitar-kora-double bass swing. Their combination of influences is rooted in a London urban song-writing context: they play Geographic Music or World Folk. KS perform tight, intricate, melodic music, with inspired vocal exploration and acoustic flourishes. Caroline’s voice has a soft, sensuous melancholy and her love songs are touching, witty and literate. Mosi sings with an exquisitely feeling, liquid poignancy. Koral Society reach out with charismatic playing full of drama and energy. They create moving, intimate atmospheres around soulful songs