Caroline Trettine

Caroline Trettine, a former singer-songwriter-guitarist with ‘The Blue Aeroplanes’, achieved cult success with her record ‘Be a Devil’ in the 1990s, on Pete Jenner and Billy Bragg’s ‘Utility’ label. She has had an eclectic journey through music. Prolific and wide-ranging, she has released many solo and band albums, a core member of ‘Mirabeau’, ‘The Winnebago Orchestra’ and now ‘Koral Society’.
Memorable tours with Bragg and Christy Moore, gigs at the Edinburgh Festival and The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, appearances on regional and national BBC radio achieved critical acclaim:

‘Like [Sandy] Denny, Trettine hovers over great melancholy with an almost detached air that only cuts closer to the quick’ **** Martin Aston, Q Magazine

Caroline has written a number of solo chamber musicals, two of which – ‘The Silver machine’, ‘Learning to walk’ – she performed at the London fringe theatre, The Rosemary Branch. She also writes classical-style pieces: a string quartet, ‘My mother’s war’ (2010), a guitar quartet, ‘The Love bridge’, (2011), and a violin/cello concerto, ‘Conversations with Ian’ (2012), available on Youtube.