Nick Jacobs used to wear a pill-box hat in The Blue Aeroplanes and plays a telecaster like a Greek God

Dr Jill Daniels makes beautiful, warm, striking independent films

Billy Bragg took me under his wing and introduced me to the music business – great touring with him!

        Richard Price is the finest of poets and novelists – we made magnificent Mirabeau happen!

Ian Kearey is a 12 string guitar virtuoso – his Elvis Presley numbers on the Dobro are genius

Doug D’Arcy, industry legend, accomplished painter, mentors me in the watering holes of Primrose Hill and the Cork and Bottle

Christie Moore kindly invited me on his sell-out tour!

Frances Gapper is a fiction writer of great talent and distinction and my oldest friend

Peter Keighron creates elegant digital artwork for the web and works of art for the cognoscenti

Spencer Roberts has the widest melodic imagination, playing almost every instrument in The Winnebago Orchestra 

Dr David Chapman is a noteworthy bass and mandolin player with melody lines that prick your ears

Fyfe Dangerfield is my next door neighbour who composes classics in the middle of the night – underneath my vibrating sitting room

Nancy Campbell is an exquisite poet and book artist

Ruthie Coles is a cool photographer, painter and singer-writer 

Debbie Golt is my PoweR of energy

          Felix Macintosh is the smartest of producer-mentors with beautiful ears

                                         Mosi Conde is a happiness humanologist born to play world class kora 

             Alison Rayner is a virtuosic double bass player sent from jazz heaven