Headline act

In the muscle industry
at least I could blow my peers off stage
with a head crack
or a hit below
(if I can get away with it
if nobody knows
I’ll take the hit).
I never did the 6 pack attack
my take on the psych em out whack
was cunning and wit.

Now in the music industry
I am buttery
affected subtlety
is my audience seduction gambit.
I am shiny silk, I am Matt.
I do dom with aplomb
I am top of the stack
I am the headline act
born for the spot!

(Frailty thy name is woman
get thee behind me…
I am Tarzan in the headlights
punch drunk in a fight)

I am the headline act
my support bill
do as I will
I am Braun
I am Matt.

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