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Light door near Walthamstow

Light door near Walthamstow

Urban green

Urban green



Headline act

In the muscle industry
at least I could blow my peers off stage
with a head crack
or a hit below
(if I can get away with it
if nobody knows
I’ll take the hit).
I never did the 6 pack attack
my take on the psych em out whack
was cunning and wit.

Now in the music industry
I am buttery
affected subtlety
is my audience seduction gambit.
I am shiny silk, I am Matt.
I do dom with aplomb
I am top of the stack
I am the headline act
born for the spot!

(Frailty thy name is woman
get thee behind me…
I am Tarzan in the headlights
punch drunk in a fight)

I am the headline act
my support bill
do as I will
I am Braun
I am Matt.

Pink wall on the way to see Rattigan's extraordinary 'Deep blue sea'!

Pink wall on the way to see Rattigan’s extraordinary ‘Deep blue sea’!

‘I’ll get you through the good times’
says Silver’s lover in ‘Desert hearts’
and we too are wild and tame lovers
from the set of ‘Wuthering heights’
afraid of the beauty of our hopes
and the tenderness of our nights.

I’ll get you through the good times
Let’s hold on to our ride
past orchards and green fields
on and on and out of sight.
You soar and dip, wheeling in your flight,
on your life’s currents, safe in the clouds’ white.

I’ll get you through the good times
we won’t lose love or light
as we rise to touch
to hold, to kiss
the sweetness of the blues
in the warmth of the night.

Men died on Camber Sands
why didn’t they understand
the treachery of the riptide
that lulls you in still waters
and hides and hides?

I have a riptide that I have got to know.
Orpheus in the undertow
always ready to look back in love
Damning myself in a lack of pride
cut by the riptide.

I have got to know the pain
in my veins
I can tell it deep in inside
I can see the serpent curling the currents
to whirl me in a riptide.

I won’t go to lovers’ lands
I won’t go to Camber Sands
I am not saying love is a lie
but I can see the thread of the threat like Beachy Head
I am more alive than dead
because I know love’s death in the riptide.

A perfect evening near Box Park and Rich Mix

A perfect evening near Box Park and Rich Mix