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Taster of Matt Braun

Headline act In the muscle industry at least I could blow my peers off stage with a head crack or a hit below (if I can get away with it if nobody knows I’ll take the hit). I never did the 6 pack attack my take on the psych em out whack was cunning and […]

I’ll get you through the good times

‘I’ll get you through the good times’ says Silver’s lover in ‘Desert hearts’ and we too are wild and tame lovers from the set of ‘Wuthering heights’ afraid of the beauty of our hopes and the tenderness of our nights. I’ll get you through the good times Let’s hold on to our ride past orchards […]

Song to the riptide

Men died on Camber Sands why didn’t they understand the treachery of the riptide that lulls you in still waters and hides and hides? I have a riptide that I have got to know. Orpheus in the undertow always ready to look back in love Damning myself in a lack of pride cut by the […]