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Hearth is

hearth is heart and hear and ear and thou art with my art you are here you are near my heart at my hearth the truth is clear without fear I rest here at my hearth and heaven and earth are quiet in my eye and ear at my hearth the sun from its berth […]

Got my own

Got my own My life’s a long tale a tall story of love and betrayal that I did not fail. I’ve got my own I’m winding home along the trail with my eyes as wide as a child’s I’ve got my own still open to the wild world still tame. I have come full circle […]

Eleven eleven

‘eleven eleven’ follows me in all my devices. Is it vice or virtue I have forgotten? Is it you? eleven eleven Will you follow me to the grave saying ‘remember remember’ my brain is your ephemeral slave – what is it I forget? eleven eleven This constant stirring of embers… How can fragile time everlast? […]

Persephone for Felix

persephone made to bear winter hard as granite for tasting the sweetness of the pomegranate persephone brings spring buds from the underworld to break the hold of winter persephone loved by Demeter garlanded in green turns hardness into sweetness